My Work With Students Centered On Reading Comprehension

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My work with students centered on reading comprehension work through text-based discussion. I worked with students to determine if the strategy of using interactive dialogue improved student understanding of what was read and if that understanding would be reflected in a comprehensive summary (verbal and/or written). I taught a multi-age group of students and my current schedule required minimal adjustments. I met with students during my Talent Development block over several days for thirty to forty-five minutes. I modified the meeting times of my reading groups to allow for an extended discussion with students. Younger students will end closer to thirty minutes due to their age and attention levels. Older students are scheduled towards the latter time and will not extend beyond an hour of instruction since it might impact their homeroom class instruction. In order to create an environment that supported my proposed strategy, I intentionally grouped students by grade level and interest. I had two main groups throughout the study. The first group had two first grade students and the other group had four intermediate students. I had worked on a limited basis with three of the students in the previous school year, but not with a reading focus. I arranged schedules with homeroom teachers in advance and no further schedule or classroom changes were needed. Throughout the study, I collected a variety of data to help me understand my research question. Of all the data available to me, I chose to use student work, field notes, and a teacher journal from the IRB Pre-Approved Data Tools (Walden University, 2016). I will be using student work as part of my data since it is already being used in the classroom. Prompts were provided for st... ... middle of paper ... ...for the next round with students. Mickey McDonald recommends that my teaching colleague and I sit and reflect upon the data I have collected and determine what we will use and what it all means (Laureate Education Inc., 2015f). I have scheduled to have this meeting at the beginning of week seven. Throughout week seven and eight, I will complete the writing process and prepare my paper for submission. Using a research schedule has helped me visualize the time available to me and all that has to be done. I realized through the creation of the schedule that my time was not as open as I once thought and I needed to revise it further. Mertler (2014) was correct in asserting that research schedules are “indispensable” (p. 113). Even though I may not follow the schedule to the letter, any situations that may lead me astray can be easily remediated through the schedule I
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