My Work Will Benefit Future Generations

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Because my activities and academic work exemplify the criteria set by your organization, I should be selected for the I. M. Bright College Scholarship. My accomplishments and activities attest to my scholastic ability, intellectual potential, personal integrity, and enthusiasm for learning.

With all "A's" in school and a 1580 SAT score, I set no personal limits on my future endeavors. At both the Governor's School in the Sciences and Johns Hopkins University, I worked with students who were also valedictorians and proven leaders. In this environment, I thrived as a scholar and as a leader. My project of placing an upper-bound on the cosmological constant by tracking the orbit of Pluto became the centerpiece of the team project in astroimaging at the Governor's School. Working tirelessly, I continued with late-night observations and calculations to ensure the project's success. I firmly believe that I can accomplish everything I attempt. In this way, I assess my intellectual potential and enthusiasm as limitless.

Motivated in life by the promise of understanding physical phenomena, I aim to dramatically raise the height of the mountain of knowledge so that my successors may have a more accurate view of the universe around them. With such goals, I will contribute much to increasing society's level of understanding. For instance, I hope to unify the physical forces and to find an acceptable theory to resolve seemingly unexplainable galactic movement. Following in the grand tradition of Newton, Edison, and Einstein, I hope my life's work will increase mental and physical
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