My Willow on a Lake

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I grew up in a house surrounded by a flora abundant yard graced with a miniature diverse forest of elm, maple, oak, larch, birch, and staghorn sumac trees. Likewise we had a variety of shrubs: mock orange, burning bush, bridal wreath, forsythia, and pussy willow. While I no longer visit this childhood playground, over the years I have nurtured my allure to the outdoors by seeking out places that provide me with the creative energy/harmony of ch'i. Let me introduce you to one of these. The weeping willow no longer leans out parallel over Lake Sinnissippi. Maybe a spiraling wind nudged the tree over the bank into the water. Maybe a flood of spring rains gushed down the ski-jump hill, eroding away the black loam that anchored the roots of the willow, causing the tree to tumble into the la...

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