My Weaknesses And Strengths Of A Creative Writing

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Throughout high school writing papers and essays were very difficult for me, almost every assignment I would seek help from others. Whether it was from my fellow students, family members, or teachers, their advice helped me tremendously. My senior year I took a Creative Writing course, which I believe helped me a lot, because I would struggle to write a paragraph, but now I can put a paper together. Coming into college I knew writing was a major skill to conquer, but I still feel like I can improve a lot yet. Furthermore, my critical reading skills need much improvement, I have no problem reading a passage or book; however, I do have trouble with comprehending what I read. Therefore, it’s difficult for me to write about something that is unclear…show more content…
I usually get distracted very easily. After my first semester I believe I have many strengths, but also a few weaknesses. Throughout my papers I feel as I improved, because my grades have gone up. I believe my response paper grades could’ve been a lot better this semester, but it’s a learning experience and I’ll make sure to improve them during the Spring. With the feedback from fellow classmates and Dr. Eldred I have continued to better my writing skills. One skill I always use is that I make a box outline, I learned this in high school. It allows me to see what certain points I would like to cover in each paragraph and also lets me know how many paragraphs I need to cover all my information. My main weaknesses with all my papers were summarizing too much, citing quotes, and not having a good thesis. I’ve always struggled with coming up with a supportive, specific thesis. My thesis is usually too broad and doesn’t have an argument. As the semester continued I felt like I improved a little with creating a good specific thesis with the help of going over what is supposed to be in a thesis…show more content…
Also, I have trouble with when I use a quote from a book how to introduce it and explain why I chose it. I hope to overcome these obstacles next semester. However, I feel my strengths were collecting information after I understood what I was reading and also adding evidence in my papers. Once I took notes on my reading and then read over my notes a couple times it was easier for me to lay out an outline and come up with ideas to talk about. The evidence I would always choose would be quotes from the books, which I feel I picked the right ones to use. However, like I said above I wasn’t very clear with the reasoning behind the quotes I placed in my papers. Overall I have much to work on, but I do have some skills. I hope throughout the Spring semester I can conquer all of my weaknesses. With the help of fellow classmates reviewing my papers with me and having meetings with Dr. Eldred I should be able to limit my weaknesses and turn them into strengths. I need to improve both in my writing and critical reading skills. However, I also need to become better with noticing strong verbs and not to be to wordy with papers. I feel as though I repeat myself a lot and ramble on in my
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