My Visual Auditory Kinesthetic Learning Style: Visual Learning

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Reflecting Back
Lakiisha N. Bulerin
Post University
Reflecting Back
My Visual Auditory Kinesthetic (VAK) learning style is visual learning. My multiple intelligences are, self, nature and language. The strengths of being a visual learner are, learning by seeing and being able to remember information in diverse environments. The disadvantage of being a visual learner is that it 's hard to retain information when there is nothing visible available. (Smith & Demand Media, n.d.) The strengths of multiple intelligences such as self, nature, and language are, being able to connect with myself, taking inspiration from nature, and the ability to use language to express myself. The weaknesses of having multiple intelligences are, having a hard time connecting to others, feeling trapped indoors, and not being good with numbers. My internal motivators are, to push myself mentally, having better self-discipline and having more focus and less stress in my life. My external motivators are, getting good
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For my visual learning style, I must be sure to utilize this wholly in my studying habits and research habits when working on my book. These two SMART goals can be achieved as long as I stick to what works best for me. Being more connected to myself, and utilizing my multiple intelligences, is exactly what I would need to help me achieve my SMART goal of finishing my novel. This is because, I need to be able to critique myself and my writing. I need to be able to connect with nature to help be when building worlds in my stories, and I need to be able to use language to express myself. These strategies will all work together to help me achieve my SMART goals of keeping a 4.0 GPA, and finishing my novel. My interest, learning styles, and persistence will all be my biggest keys to
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