My Virtual Child Essay: My Virtual Child

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My virtual child My virtual child’s name is Naneno. She was born 1 week after her due date via a C-Section. She was a beautiful child that looked hairless, because of her light blond hair. She had bright blue eyes and an already infectious smile. Her blond hair grew very long over the years and became a little darker, with some dark blond highlights. I keep telling her that people spend a lot of money for highlights and hers are natural. Naneno has two sisters, both older than her. She always told her parents that she wanted to remain the baby, so no more siblings! I was born and raised in Germany and her dad is an US Soldier. We met when dad was stationed in Germany and have been married for 20 years. Naneno and her sisters were born in…show more content…
Just like a marriage, a good relationship with your child is based on trust, love and constant work. I do believe that genes do influence our behavior in this regard, however, it is also a daily decision that we both make. She is at a difficult phase in her life. She is trying to find herself and establish her own personality. I have been very fortunate to be able to be still emotionally close to her and that she takes my advice to heart. She is very open and comes to me when she has a problem. She is not talking about boys yet, but I am sure that this will come in the near future. I am not too thrilled about that, but it is something we will master together. Another thing I am very proud to say is that she is not a procrastinator. No one in our family is. I do believe that this is a trait that has been passed down from generation to generation and is in the genes. My parents and grandparents were like that. I am like that in my studies and every day life. Naneno is the same way. When she has a project that is due, she works until she is done. She does not wait until the last minute, but starts as soon as she knows and usually finishes before the deadline. She does not rush, but takes her time and does it
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