My Views on Hunting

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As I write this on the first day of gun hunting season it comes into perspective what a huge pastime hunting has become and may I emphasize the word “pastime”. Hunting might have been an important aspect to the lives of prehistoric humans, but today many people hunt for the thrill of it. Did you know hunting kills millions of animals every year, many whom are just wounded and die prolonged, painful deaths? There are slaughter houses and farms that raise animals to kill specifically for these reasons. They are trained in how to properly butcher animals without causing them much pain, something hunters do often. Although hunting may seem like a fun hobby to some, it is a very unnecessary activity that needs to be put to an end.
In addition to causing unnecessary pain and suffering to poor vulnerable animals, hunters wipe out the animals’ families and environment, as well as leave that animals’ young behind, scarred and starving to death. According to PETA, a study of deer hunting revealed that eleven percent of deer that were killed by hunters only died after being shot two or more times and that a number of injured deer suffered for more than fifteen minutes before they died. Bow hunting worsens this problem. About fifty percent of animals shot with arrows are only wounded, not killed. PETA also states, that a study of 80 radio-collared deer found that of the twenty-two deer that had been shot with arrows, eleven were wounded and not gathered by hunters.3 Some hunters even believe in shooting animals in the gut or in the face, which is a dreadful way for the animal to die .
Hunting puts an enormous amount of stress on animals. This stress limits the animals’ ability to eat sufficiently and store the fat and energy they need t...

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...act, a fraction of the wild animal population is specially directed to be killed. Because of this hunting actually causes overpopulation and ecological disturbance. While hunters believe they control the populations of the animals they kill, natural predators, wolves, bears, and mountain lions , are the actual ecosystem managers, if they too are not hunted.
Hunting is a huge problem in the world that is over looked by many. It kills millions of defenseless animals every year and wounds even more. Hunting does not control the population of animals and it is no necessary to the survival of humans in modern times. Despite all the arguments posed by pro hunters it is a terrible and inhuman recreational activity that needs to be stopped. As an avid animal lover the answer is black and white , stop hunting and the environment will return to its contented equilibrium.
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