My View On Life: The Trip Of A Lifetime

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The Trip of a Lifetime Standing tall and confident as if nothing could destroy it, the steel, glowing from the lights, stretched from the ground to the night sky. I never thought it would stand right before me. The only thing I could think about was seeing this in person. As a bright sunset shined through the holes in the steel and people crowded all around me, my eyes gazed up to see layer upon layer of steel which formed the Eiffel Tower. This was the trip that changed my view on lifestyle forever. This summer I got the chance of a lifetime, a trip to Europe with my family, grandma, and many of her relatives. After seeing many countries, the country that changed my view the most was Paris. Before Paris, I traveled to Amsterdam, Luxembourg City, and Belgium. Each had unique lifestyle qualities, but nothing compared to Paris. We traveled to Paris on July 12th and stayed there until July 16th. After arriving in Paris, we set out to explore the beautiful city. There were many unique things on the streets of Paris that caught my eye, such as important historical monuments and museums. We waited until the next day to do more cite seeing. Excited to explore the following day, we…show more content…
The second floor view showed us a good view of Paris, it was about the height of the Arc and Notre Dame. We slowly continued to make our way to the highest level. After stepping off the elevator we had an amazing breath taking view, showing us all of Paris. It was beautiful seeing the red and orange colors coming into the city from the sunset. As we walked around up top we watched the orange and red colors turn to black from the day turning into night. With the sky turning into night we knew that it was time to leave the Eiffel Tower and head back to the hotel. For me this was the hardest part because I knew the next morning we would have to say goodbye to Paris and head
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