My View On Happiness Is Not The Highest Good

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Zijian Liu 110424163 Paper 1 In my view, happiness is not the highest good. There are some kind of actions do not aim at happiness but are meaningful for the actors. Revenge, for example, does not give people happiness all the time, but I have read many stories of revenge in my high school history textbook. Some people revenged for their families, some revenged for strangers, and some did for their countries. In many cases, people chose to do that even knowing revenge will hurt themselves and do not lead to happiness. Suicide is another example. If happiness is the highest good, then no one will do things do not make one happy. What makes some rational people choose to suicide, since suicide does not make people happy. There exists decisions people make do not aim at happiness, that is why I do not believe happiness is the highest good. For me, achieving personal life goals is the highest good. Life itself has no meaning, but human beings define it. When talking about goals, every person has unlimited goals. Some of them are short term such as receiving a high GPA this year, and some are long term such as working in a specific company in the next five years. However, what I mention about is those goals that people are willing to spend their lifetime, sometimes even their lives, to pursue. For example, Kung Fu masters are willing to keep training themselves until the end of their life, scientist is more likely to focus on their topic throughout their life, and those people whose countries are invaded will treat union as their life goal. After people setting their life goals, everything they do is for being closer to their goals. Achieving life goals is just for achieving, not for other thing such as happiness, although hap... ... middle of paper ... ...r keeping a good body quality, so they are indirectly related to achieving life goals. All actions towards achieving the life goals, or helping others do so, are good, while actions degrees people from life goals, both internal and external, are bad. In the society, the more people treat an action good, then it is more good. Bad actions are the same. Since people are affected each other, people are affected when they are finding their life goals. That is why morality is changed over time, due to different people choose different life goals in different time. For example, in the ancient time loyalty to the king is morally good, because being honorable was one of the most popular goals back in the time, and only the king can give the highest honor to someone. If there exists something constantly good, that thing must be treated as a popular life goal at any time.
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