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Every person their own unique attitude and beliefs that will affect their understanding of diversity, equity and democracy due to the fact that everyone is brought up differently. Diversity means range of different things, where if a person is exposed to more experiences in life, their understanding of diversity is in a much wider range. For instance, being born in a multicultural country such as Canada rather than the opposite will have a larger influence in the way of their understanding of diversity of different cultures and races. Whereas, equity means the quality of being fair and impartial. Every person is born in a different environment and lives through many different experiences. For example, a person born in a low income family, in …show more content…

Our understanding of democracy is not only dependent on the education we receive on such government, but where we are born. In addition, not all countries have a democracy government system. Currently, there are countries that are of communist and monarchy government types in the world such as China and Vatican City. People being born in countries without a democracy will have less experience of it and therefore have a different opinion about democracy then those that are born in one. Furthermore, everyone’s beliefs are different depending on if your family is religious or not. I also believe that everyone’s attitude and beliefs are developed through life experiences such as how your family has raised you and the traditions of the country of your birth. In my case, I am born in the multicultural country Canada. I am raised in a non-religious, well off family, where most of my daily life necessities are fulfilled. In addition, the education system here in Canada has taught me to treat everyone equally. Moreover, our education system taught us that a democratic government is a much more beneficial system than others such as communism. Through my education, how I am raised and the influences of my country, I believe that a democracy government that promotes equity with diversity of different races is a very wonderful

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that each person has their own unique attitude and beliefs that affect their understanding of diversity, equity, and democracy.
  • Opines that everyone's beliefs are developed through life experiences such as how their family has raised them and the traditions of the country of their birth.
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