My Values And Values

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As a person, I have my own values, beliefs and attitudes that I have developed throughout the course of my life. My family, friends, community and the experiences we have had all contribute to our sense of who we are and how we view the world. As community services workers, we are often working with people who are vulnerable and who may live a lifestyle that associates society views as being unacceptable. Some say that I am politically incorrect, but I will never stand down from my belief in God. If, as a Law Enforcement personnel, we are to provide a service that meets the needs of our target groups and helps them to feel empowered, we need to be aware of our own personal values, beliefs and attitudes and be prepared to take the professional values of our industry, and not impose our own ideas on our civilians. What are my values? My values are principles, standards or qualities that I as an individual in high regard. My values guide the way I live my life and the decisions I make.

My values are something that I hold dear, the qualities, which I consider to be of worth to me. For Example: A “value” commonly formed by a particular belief
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Sociologists [e.g., Williams, 1968] and anthropologists [e.g., Kluckhohn, 1951] have echoed similar opinions. These theorists view values as the criteria people use to evaluate actions, people, and events. When we think of our values, we think of what is important to us in our lives (e.g., security, independence, wisdom, success, kindness, pleasure). Each of us holds numerous values with varying degrees of importance. A particular value may be very important to one person, but unimportant to another. Consensus regarding the most useful way to conceptualize basic values has emerged gradually since the 1950’s. We can summarize the main features of the conception of basic values implicit in the writings of many theorists and researchers 2 as
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