My Turn at Bat

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My Turn at Bat

Book Review

My Turn at Bat: The Story of My Life, written in 1969, could be the

name of any number of hitters that have played the game of baseball.

It could even be a metaphor for something that doesn’t even relate to

the game of baseball. But that’s not the case here, this book is

about, arguably the greatest hitter to ever play the game. This book

is about the only player to ever hit .400. The only man to be inducted

into seven different hall of fames. This book tells the story of Ted

Williams through his eyes, the way he lived on and off the field. The

author John Underwood does a good job in terms of letting the reader

get a first person point of view when it comes to the life of this

Boston Red Sox legend.

The book first starts out with Ted Williams stating that, “I’m glad

it’s over”, he then goes on to explain what he means by this. Williams

says that he is so grateful for what baseball has done for him as a

person but he was glad to be out of the game as a player. He tells the

reader through out the book that if he could go back to when he was 18

or 19 years of age he wouldn’t do it because knowing now what was in

store for him. He says that he had to deal with so much physical pain,

the weight of the world being on his shoulders, and last but certainly

not least the Boston reporters. At that point in his life, Ted

Williams had finished playing Major League Baseball for the Boston Red

Sox and moved on to managing the Washington Senators, a move that he

wasn’t all that comfortable with, but was willing to try. This book is

a constant one-way conversation with the reader. It seems that is just

the way Williams wanted it to be, just so he could tell the story

without any interruptions.

Williams’s talks about how he always wanted to be the greatest hitter

of all time through out the book. He says that a man needs to have a

goal for a day, a lifetime and his was to hear people say, “there goes

Ted Williams the greatest hitter of all time”. Williams also talks

about how his 22 years of playing the game were the best years of his

life but they were also some of the unhappiest. Through out his time

as a professional ball player, he felt that people didn’t like him,

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