My Trip To Camp Kangaroobie

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I went to camp Kangaroobie in year 5. Camp Kangaroobie was my favorite camp, it was just so much fun! Camp was honestly one of my favourite school experiences! I learnt so much at camp and experienced so many new things, which I never thought I would!

On the way to camp Kangaroobie we went to Mr Mcguane’s farm. The year 5 bus broke down so we came late. When we got there, we walked around this little river skipping rocks and getting stuck in the mud. When we arrived at camp, went to our cabins, and I was with, Emily, Felicia, Sarah, Grace and Klara, we packed our bag and went for a walk down to the beach! It was really fun because we went across rivers and walked through the sand dunes! When we got there, we jumped off and slid down the sand
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We learnt a game called Gaga, we were in this circle box, we had a ball and we had to try to avoid it form touching us, when I did touch us we sat on the edge waiting for the next game! We were in groups and my group started with canoeing, the guy who was there said that there were bull sharks in the water, and that scared me so much because I’m so gullible. We were with partners and we lined up our canoes in the water, and I swapped with someone and ended up being with akolde who is very bad at steering because I was doing all the work. After that we went back to camp and we played the environmental game! We were put in groups, I was in the lowest group which meant anyone could catch me, the hunters could, the diseases and some other group. We had to walk around the forest trying to find stamps to stamp into our leaves, I was with a group wondering around, I managed to be one of the winners with like 10 other people. We came back to camp and did what I was most excited for, the obstacle course, we walked around looking at what we had to go through and then came back to the start to start! We had to go in pairs, and I was with Maja, we were and epic duo, that went through all the obstacles, we ended up second, but we should’ve come first because the group that came first skipped some obstacles. The last activity was the farm activity, we got to see some pigs, and after we went into a cage and went through the farm, looking and learning about cows. We later came back to camp and ate dinner. In the night Mr Mcguane went on a night walk and some people went, I went and Mr Mcguane told stories about pirates, UFOs, and drop
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