My Three Major Roles As A Positive Self-Expression

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To know yourself, you must truly dig deep within you to find out what you are made of. An individual can learn a lot about himself or herself through evaluating their life based on the leisure definition. My three major roles in my life are a loving daughter/sister, dedicated student and a competitive athlete.
Leisure is defined as, the experience of living a moment of positive self-expression (Pavelka, 2000). Based on the definition, it can be split into three components, which are, the experience, living in the moment, and a positive self-expression. My first major self-image in this process is a loving daughter/sister. Everyday is something new with my siblings, whether it would be one, got an amazing job promotion or the other one is just calling to see how everything is going. Another one of life’s precious moments is when my family comes together and just experiences being together. Furthermore, I also experience the
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As an athlete I experience a lot from basketball, whether it is a new play or just building long-term friendships with my teammates. Being a basketball player comes with many obstacles if you want to be the best. An example of an obstacle is training so hard for a game that you burnout and hurt yourself. It is these kinds of moments that make you stronger, and give you that satisfying experience. Being a part of a team and evolving as a team helps the journey be a stable one. Not everyone on my team is good at a specific task or drill that is why I am there for him or her to make sure they become what he or she truly can. Furthermore, when I first step foot on the court, I get a feeling that cannot be explained. It is the feeling that no matter how hard things are on a daily basis, it does not matter because I am playing the game I love. Basketball is my escape from the world; being on the court puts me in the moment that I completely forget about everything around
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