My Thoughts Of A Peak Performer

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My thoughts of a "peak performer" a self-motivator, an overcomer, despite the obstacles or road blocks the world has thrown at you, you manage to overcome. As a peak performer, you know how to transform your negatives into positive results (Bethel University, 2013). Many times we face the unthinkable, problems or circumstances that we think we will never overcome, the peak performer sees the problem but focuses and on the solution, and with persistence overcomes. In life we all face trials and tribulations, this is all a part of life. The problem is how do we face these challenges, do we lay down and give up, or do we fight to win. The peak performer is a fighter, with positive outcomes. The peak performer never looks back at the what if 's or I can 't, but focuses on the I can and I will. The part that speaks to me most about the peak performers qualities, in short, they are their own best friend, (Bethel University, 2013). This sentence speaks volumes to me and my life. The first and most important fact that I found in the self-assessment read is an honest self-assessment of myself, (Bethel University, 2013). I found the self-assessment very necessary to read and read again, as it pointed out many different traits in myself that will need to be addressed. I found it interesting as a critical thinker to suspend judgment until you have gathered facts and reflected on them, (Bethel University, 2013). That simple fact will make me gather all information and think it through, sleep on it, before a make a decision of judgment on anything in my life. I have found it necessary on a daily basis to remind myself of positive things in life no matter how bad things are going. I also surround myself with positive like minded people, who only... ... middle of paper ... After completing the Four-Temperament Profile I found that I am a supporter and not a creator. I agree with these findings completely, they are a true definition of who I am. I have always displayed the supporter traits, cooperative, honest, sensitive, understanding, and relate well with others, (Bethel University, 2013). While I am the supporter I was running close with the analyzer. I also agree with this assessment as well. When reading the definition for both, I feel they both fit hand in hand. I am the supporter and love supporting others, I am also a thinker, I think things all the way through. I will use both findings to create self-improvement for myself as well as my classmates. I can be the supporter for my classmates who need support or encouragement from time to time to keep going, we can do this together, as well as encouraging myself not to give up.
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