My Theory Of Success: The Definition Of Success

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Even though the definition of “success” has a very nuanced meaning depending on its culture and context, highly successful people typically exhibit the same universal characteristics. For despite common belief, successful people are not affiliated with some exclusive club and it has to do more with attitude than superior I.Q intelligence. Therefore, many people have the ability to learn about how they can be successful and do better than they are now. Due to having the privilege of interacting with successful people on a daily basis, I gradually coined my own theory of success. In addition, interviewing successful college students for the basis of the EPE course project has managed to further support and strengthen my theory. Yet rather than just being applied to an academic setting like a college or school, theses theories can be slightly modified to be applied in other aspects of life as well. It should be worth emphasizing that exhibiting some of these traits are likely good indicators of being a successful person, however there are a lot more not mentioned. For due to their vast variety, it would be extremely difficult to talk about each of them individually. As a result, I have taken the liberty of grouping them into broader categories and have listed them in no particular order. Regardless of age or major, every single successful person I have met throughout my life had the urge to direct their own lives. They were willing to accept primary responsibility for their own expectations and outcomes. Thus, they held themselves accountable and truly believed that their plans will turn out the way they want them to most of the time if they did the things that are necessary to make them become a reality. Instead of just saying what... ... middle of paper ... ...sful person I have met so far was the belief he/she is a capable and unconditionally worthy individual. Surprisingly, they never ceased trying to be the best of which they are capable of being. To me, the self-satisfaction in knowing they tried and made the effort to improve their situation is what I define as true success. The theory which I live by in college and beyond is that people may perceive your success differently, but the way you view it is much more important than what you are perceived to be. In my opinion, achieving power, prestige or the accumulation of material possessions are not necessarily indicative of success. With that said, my idea of what it would mean to live successfully is the having the enthusiasm to do what I do in the service of something larger than myself. But there is no sudden leap to success, instead it lies in doing day by day. :)

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