My Teaching Philosophy Of Special Education

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I have had a number of experiences in the classroom over the years. Throughout each of these experiences, I have observed the teachers in the classrooms and the way they have taught their students. These observations have taught me that it is the job of the teacher to service the student and provide for them the means to learn and advocate for themselves. My teaching philosophy is that all students have the potential, capability, and right to a quality education, and that it is the job of the teacher to ensure that the student receives that education. Not only that, but it is also the job of the school and faculty to work together in order to create a safe environment where said education can best be received by the students. In the field of special education specifically, I believe that it is the job of the teacher and the school to determine what the best method of meeting the student’s needs. This means that, as a teacher, it is my responsibility and my goal to give every student the education they deserve.
I also believe that I must encourage students to advocate for themselves and develop healthy learning habits. While it is important for teachers to provide for students and service them, students must also be responsible for their own learning as much as possible. Essentially, the teacher and student must reciprocate their own understanding in order to provide the best education opportunity. The teacher should present the material in a way that is both engaging and comprehensible, and well as provide assistance whenever appropriate. On the other side of this, the student should take their learning into their own hands and become self-directed learners. This leads to another belief of mine: that it is the goal of the teacher...

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...he school only has one perspective on the needs of a student at any given time. However, by collaborating with others at the school, they can pool their resources together in order to create a better learning experience for the student. Because of this, it is important for a teacher to maintain open relationships with everyone else at the school.
It is my personal philosophy that it is the teacher’s responsibility to ensure that students receive the quality education they deserve. This means that the teacher must make the material engaging for the student, create an enriching and appropriate learning environment, and work with other school personnel to do so. This also means that the student needs to be an advocate for their own learning, which the teacher also must encourage. These are all goals that I will accomplish in my future special education teaching career.
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