My TAPP Experience

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My TAPP Experience Madison Ginsberg Northern Arizona University Intro: My twenty five hours of community service were attained at the Teenage Parent Program or TAPP, at Summit High School here in Flagstaff. My experience was one I will look back on when I am older. TAPP made a difference in my life and I helped someone else’s in the process. 1: Setting, Agency Name, Address, Phone Number The Teenage Parent Program or “TAPP” is located inside Summit High School, which is in a small neighborhood across from the Flagstaff Mall. It is in a few classrooms in the back left part of Summit High school. There is the main classroom which has a kitchen, a bathroom, two offices, tables and chairs, and a back computer lab that also has a baby play area. The other…show more content…
I remember her telling me she and her boyfriend got a motel that week because her hot water was shut off and she needed warm showers. She ended up having the baby in the motel room on the toilet. Her boyfriend helped her and cut the umbilical cord. I could not believe what I was hearing originally because I did not know this was something that could happen to people. This had a great impact on me because it helped resonate what we learned about poverty and when people move to motels when they cannot afford their bills at home. It made me realize that what we learn in class is actually real and is happening to people around me. Another experience I thought was impactful was when I helped a girl in the class study for her permit test. At first she was getting them all wrong and disagreeing with some of the answers and then she started to get them right. This made me realize that I am not only helping these girls with math or to study but with their daily lives. She will soon get her permit and it will in part be because I helped her study. These two experiences really impacted my life and my learning in
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