My Success Formula

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Just like Albert Einstein I have created my formula to meet success. His formula A= X+Y+Z consisted of three main points work, play and keeping your mouth shut. Do you know what your formula for success consist of? As for my formula S= A+B+C+D-E it will help you be successful but you must have preparation, must work for what you want, equality is also important by treating others as you would like them to treat you and finally, confidence. It is important however, to leave procrastination behind. Procrastination is a negative for my success formula. Will it work for your success as well?
Education is the foundation to have success. If you want success, then you must educate yourself and be ready for what will come your way. Becoming an educated person can open up the door to many paths you will need to walk through as you are achieving your goals. As we all know that to get an education one must have the money for it therefore, money and education are the basic foundations for everyone’s success. It can be difficult for some, but if you truly want something nothing will stop you until it is achieved.
In order to have success in life you must be ready. Preparation is important for the reason that you will be ready for what life throws at you. If the big opportunity of your life comes to you, wouldn’t you want to be ready for it? It is critical that you have knowledge and understanding of what you want and know how to get there. If you don’t, you will just be stuck at the same place for the rest of your life not knowing what to do therefore, being prepare works. Not leaving for tomorrow what you can do today.
You must work for what you want. Things in life don’t come free and that is why it is necessary that you give it your all whe...

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... If you have preparation, confidence, if you work hard, treat others as you would like them to treat you and leave procrastination side you can be a leader. All these key factors used the right way can lead you to have a wealthy life. To be successful you must be a great leader. Being a leader is not only focusing on what makes you happy or finding things that only benefit you but finding what benefits others. To bring out the best of those who you lead therefore, it will make them look good, but it will make you look even better.
To live a satisfying life you must know what it takes to get to that superior life. My formula S= A+B+C+D-E is my way of getting to the good life I want. My success depends on that formula and if you’ve noticed. This formula does not simply focus on me it focuses on those who surround me therefore, if you are selfish there is no success.
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