My Success Essay

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A quote by Marva Collins states, “success does not come to you, you go to it.” This is exactly how I look at my success. My definition of success is being happy and doing what you love. The only way I can achieve this goal is by receiving an education, saving money, and picking a career path that I will enjoy. I work hard in school to be prepared for when I go off to college, which will eventually lead me to a career. Another plan of mine is to save as much money as I can before college and apply for many scholarships, so I can graduate from college with as little debt as possible. I set these goals myself, however, none of these goals could be possible without the support from my family. My sister, Kelsey, is one of my greatest role models. She has been my guide through all of my schooling and part-time jobs. She lets me know which classes in high school to take. Her success in life pushes me to want to be successful and do well at everything. This is why I try so hard at school. During Kelsey’s time in high school she worked two jobs and took advanced classes. I decided I wanted to push myself like her and work two jobs while taking several college courses. She is…show more content…
From the very beginning, they have always wanted me to get good grades in school. Never have I received a grade in a class where I was too ashamed to share it with them. I only want to make them proud, and hopefully not end up back at home after college. They have never pushed me too hard in school, but guided me through the bumpy parts. Every single time I have I essay to write for a class, they proof read it and give me constructive criticism. If I had a group project for a class, they encourage me to invite my group over to work on it. They would help in anyway they can, even if it is just going to the grocery store to buy my school supplies. My parents are the people who support me in stressful situations and in my
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