My Style of Managing Conflict

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Our daily life is full of conflicts; every individual have there their own way of managing and solving conflicts. Some will avoid any conflict at all cost, some will take violence actions and other will store up the anger. Although individuals have different ways of managing conflicts, there is a gender different in managing conflicts. Females tends to be more passive aggressive or passive and less likely to take violence actions. On the other hand males are more likely to be aggressive when it come to managing conflicts. Gender difference in managing conflicts can be both influenced by the society and by biological difference.
With most of small minor conflicts I am more of a passive conflict-management' class='brand-secondary'>conflict management. For example when my roommates don't do their dishes and takeout the trash, I do not confront them. I try to avoid small arguments and conflicts thus I just do the dirty dishes or take out the trash. But if the conflict is major issues I am more Aggressive. For example, there is one incident when I was around 9. My cousin had weight issues because of her medications; a guy from he...
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