My Study On Mechanical Engineering

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My fascination with machines, automobiles, science and mathematics laid the foundation for me to enter the field of engineering. My undergraduate study in mechanical engineering has been an all-round experience wherein I have achieved excellent grades, undertaken interesting projects, participated in various extra-curricular activities and served as an intern in a manufacturing firm. I undertook a two-months Vocational Training at Thapar University, India learning about various manufacturing processes like machining, welding, casting and shaping. I have served as an intern at Gates India Pvt Ltd, India for 6 months undertaking two projects on Setup Change Time Reduction using the concepts of Lean Manufacturing, Waste Reduction and Time Study. My Final Year Capstone Project was “Water Distillation through Parabolic Trough Collector using Solar Energy”. The project involved designing of each part, material procurement, manufacturing of each part and final assembly. Currently I am working as a Graduate Engineering Trainee in Reliance Industries Limited – a Fortune Global 500 company with businesses across India engaged in energy, petrochemicals, textiles, natural resources, retail, and telecommunications. My job at the Maintenance department is to learn about the major mechanical equipment used in the plant such as heat exchangers, compressors, turbines, pumps, mechanical seals, bearings and then carry out maintenance activities by finding out cause of the problems, providing solutions to rectify the problems and lead the operators to carry out the required operations. At this stage of my life, I would like to expand my knowledge by pursuing higher studies in the field of Master of Engineering Management. The Engineering Management f... ... middle of paper ... ...cross the world come here to pursue the MEM program. Eminent and hardworking professors, competent students from diverse backgrounds, a strong worldwide alumni network, cutting-edge facilities and excellent internship opportunities have encouraged me to apply for this university. The Seminar and Workshop series are a unique feature of the MEM program where I hope get an opportunity to interact with the industry experts, successful entrepreneurs and experienced managers and develop the in-demand business and engineering skills. I believe studying at Duke will augment my capabilities and knowledge. The MEM programme at this university will help me acquire exactly the skills I need to pursue my ambition. I believe Growth is Life and pursuing higher studies in this university will offer just the right kind of growth opportunities that otherwise I would not have received.
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