My Strong Faith In God

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As I reflect on my childhood, my mind is flooded with pleasant thoughts. I have been fortunate to have many more wonderful memories than unhappy ones. I attribute the joy in my life to my strong faith in God. Faith has been an essential facet of my life and I find the longer I live, the more deeply I am rooted in my relationship with the Lord. I am blessed to say my parents have been happily married for forty-seven years, and they have always provided a stable family structure for my sister and me. My parents placed the utmost importance on church attendance and involvement. They modeled a committed Christian example in everyday life and instilled in us the truth of God’s Word. They established a fairly sheltered home environment, shielding…show more content…
Through all the life events and ministry opportunities we have encountered, that desire has remained with me. Early in our marriage I completed a technical degree program for day care work. I worked in a day care setting for several years before entering the field of insurance, where I worked for over ten years. After adopting our youngest three children, I left my job in insurance to be a full-time mother. During all of these transitions, I still filled the role of a pastor’s wife. Pastoring has given me the opportunity to teach all ages, which I have enjoyed. Our last and current pastorates have both given me the opportunity to be the Children’s Ministries Director (along with many other responsibilities). I have enjoyed this work greatly, but it only reminded me of my life-long goal of becoming a teacher. Several months ago my husband encouraged me to follow my dream. Upon soliciting recommendations from Gastonia natives, I was pointed toward Belmont Abbey College. I have now been a student for four months and my experience here has been entirely rewarding. I am not only pursuing a goal, I am truly enjoying the educational journey I am on. I continue to work in our church in many capacities along with balancing family responsibilities. To say this creates a busy life for me would be an understatement; nonetheless, I find my education is enhancing my other obligations instead of draining my
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