My Strengths Of My Five Greatest Strengths

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My five greatest strengths are: includer, restorative, belief, positivity, and empathy according to the Strengths Finder Survey. I have basically just been myself. I really enjoy making everyone feel that they are special, all God 's children are special. We are all God 's children and we all need to love and support each other. No one is any better than the other, but we can make good choices in life. But we are all the same, with the same choices. If we see someone going through something , as Christians we are suppose to through it with them. Learn to listen, pray and try to give them the best advice that we have to offer. When we are going through something, we must say and believe,but God. He is our strength and refuge. We must always try to look for the good in people. Avoid the negative thoughts. We can change and so can others. When i see people, I can sometimes, see the pain in their faces.I feel the sadness and just want to help. In any way possible. Life is short. We need help anyone around see their joy and feel the joy in our hearts. With all this being said. I pray that I have utilized all my five signature themes everyday and everywhere. I plan to continue to strive to be a better Christian. Always put my best foot forward, and always try to reach back and carry someone with me. I can use my joy to see joy at it 's best in someone else. My workplace is one of the finest. I give all the credit to my manager. He is a God - fearing, family man. He runs a tight firm with strong force,but yet understanding, caring and down to earth. If he can help someone in anyway possible, he will. We work as a team together always. He stands tall with morals, respect, dignity, ambitious, intelligence and most of all God. H... ... middle of paper ... ...r talents to help service the customers better. The firm has grown since I have been there. Under new management, of course. Because of him being the person that he is. He takes pride in the firm, his job, and his employees. He recognizes that we are people with different ideas. He listen, understands and willing to try. Anything that is good for the company. So the potential for a company is good friendly service, increase in sales, employees at their best,customer satisfaction, significant feedback from customers. The firm, of course, is a successful firm. A firm ( organization ) with the strengths of it 's employees is a very special place to work. Everyone will enjoy coming to work, be motived and excited about the next new idea. From co-workers or themselves. The greatest benefit is the joy of seeing a customer who so overwhelmed, with joy, from your services.

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