My Strengths Of A Teacher

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In order to be an effective educator, a combination of caring, communicative, creative, critical, contextual and professional dispositions are needed. Being empathic, attentive, flexible, reflective, active and confidential, just to name a few, allows one to be efficient and competent when working with students. These dispositions can shape the classroom for the better because when students feel welcome and valued, they want to learn and will learn more.
I have strengthened several dispositions as I have worked towards becoming an effective educator. My strengths include empathy, passion, flexibility and reflectiveness. I am empathic because I am able to view situations from others perspectives. I can put aside my own feelings, listen to an individual speak and understand their point of view. A potential obstacle of being empathic could be taking on others distress. I will have to set emotional boundaries for myself as to not become
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I focused on voice for this field experience by speaking more, actively speaking to other faculty and speaking louder. I gained more confidence as time went on, but I still have work to do. Another disposition I focused on was rapport. I was determined to know each and every student 's name and speak with each individual at least once during a class period. In addition, I aimed to develop a positive relationship with my cooperating teacher. Moreover, I focused on taking initiative. At times I was unsure if I should intervene and more times than not if I didn’t the teacher would tell me to or she would intervene. As the observations progressed, I would jump in on lessons and help students before the teacher would have to ask me to help. Several times she would give me the thumbs up or congratulate me for staying on top of things. I learned an abundance of information and skills from this field experience and also developed my depositions to a greater
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