My Strengths And Weaknesses

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In today’s society, people like to believe they are different or unique; however, we all share the same qualities as far as our weaknesses and strengths go. While one group’s greatest strength might be forgiveness, it might be another group’s greatest weakness. It is important for people to know what their greatest weaknesses and strengths are because these qualities help define who people are. Furthermore, it is crucial for people to not only focus on their negative qualities, but to also focus on their positive qualities. Upon taking the “VIA Survey of Character Strengths,” I learned what my top five strengths are, how my weakest strength is also one of my top strengths, and how I already incorporate them into my everyday life. My first strength is forgiveness and mercy, which I do believe is true; however, I would not have listed this one first as I never really thought this was a strength. With that being stated, I strongly believe holding a grudge is a waste of time and feel it takes too much negative energy to dwell. Even though this is a strength, there are times when I feel this has had a slightly negative impact because people tend to take advantage of me as they know I will not stay angry. However, I would rather this happen than for me to think less of others, as we are human and we all make mistakes. Next, I learned my second strength is hope, optimism, and future-mindedness. I love this strength as I believe having a positive outlook on the future is an important key to happiness. In addition, even though I realize life has its curve balls, I trust that I control my future and that my current decisions play a major role in how my future will play out. I also believe if I hold true to this quality, it will continue t... ... middle of paper ... ... control me, I was a wreck and hated who I was becoming; therefore, I wish everyone could have more control over their emotions as living with uncontrolled emotions takes a toll on everyday living. I really enjoyed taking this survey, as it showed me where I really shine. In addition, it helped me realize that I am where I am today because of these strengths. I plan to continue to use these strengths because I am happy with where I am at in life and even though some of my strengths have negative impacts, they make me who I am today and I can joyfully say that I like who I am. I will continue to control my emotions, have hope, forgive others, and love. I want to remain cautious, but would not mind lightening up a little sometimes. Furthermore, it is satisfying to recognize my strengths and how they have helped me in life, instead of focusing on fixing my weaknesses.
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