My Strengths And Reflection On My SWOT Analysis Of A Community College

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After reflecting on my Strengths and weaknesses that I addressed in my SWOT analysis I tried to come up with three goals that would push me to my career goal. I plan to get my doctorate in economics so that I may be a college professor. I was concerned with the time it would take to get my degree, but time has passed and I am no longer worried. I even visited the Advising center to clarify my degree plan and review the recommended courses. Community college is just a stepping stone. My eyes are set on A&M University and I plan to transfer in the fall semester of 2016. Considering my plan it was simple to see the requirements and push myself even harder by setting even higher goals. I decided that I will: transfer with at least a cumulative…show more content…
I thought I had a good grasp on it at first, but soon I came to realize that I didn’t have any goals. I tried to make some goals but they all turned out to be aspirations. Since then I’ve put a lot of thought into it and made sure my goals met all the points of the SMART system. So looking at the future I want I can’t predict anything but I can plan what I will be doing to get there. I have committed my time to school, work, and fitness. School will always come first, because if I want to become a professor it is the important for my future career. Work is second because I want too much and everything costs money. My truck and gas and insurance all come out of my pocket and there crucial so that I can get to and from school. I did not work out at all this summer and I since then have gone to the gym every day and have found that I feel better. I want to be healthy so this is now something I want to commit my time…show more content…
The requirement to gain entrance to the liberal arts school is a 3.0, but the higher your grade the better chance of getting in and getting scholarships. I have kept up with my school work well this semester and can see the 3 D’s importance in getting where I want to go. I want use the three D’s you talked about to stick with my degree plan even when it gets difficult. I have made a promise to get my grades by doing all assigned work and turning it in on time. I also want part of my goal to study at least an hour for every hour spent in class. You had us sign those commitment sheets at the beginning of this course I want to have my commitments apply to all of my college courses. When I get into A&M I will still have to keep my GPA high enough to be considered for the Doctoral program, but I will hold true to my GPA
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