My Statement Of Purpose For Science And Engineering

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I acquired 17 years of my education in an industrial city where engineering is given a very high priority. My parents wanted to see me in an esteemed position which I feel can be achieved only by obtaining an American degree. Since childhood I always had random thoughts of why, what and how. This mentality of mine inclined me to choose science and Engineering as my educational path. With high motivation I successfully completed my 10th and 12th standards consistently with 88 and 89 percentages. After Pre University education then, came the chance to pursue a career in my desired field of study that is engineering. The main purpose of my undergraduate studies was to gain a strong technical basement which can enhance my further studies in whatever areas I intended to specialize. Daily involvement of me in the usage of electronic gadgets, smart phones inculcated an interest in me to choose electronics and communication as my branch of study in under graduation. I really feel that academic environment of engineering which I encountered during the course period had given me ample amount ...
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