My Spiritual Life

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Over the course of this semester, I have learned invaluable information about non-Western cultures and religions that have opened my eyes and soul to many thoughts and ideas about passing over and coming back. We have covered many religions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam. Relating to my personal spiritual life, I would say I have gained a lot of insight that I can relate to my Christianity from Buddhism and Hinduism. Buddhism is closely related to Hinduism due to the fact that they both believe in reincarnation, different paths to enlightenment, and the idea that our suffering in this physical life is caused by extreme attachment to the physical world. In Buddhism, death is not simply the end of a life. Buddhists believe that when we die, our soul will attach to a new life in one of the six realms due to karma, or samsara. In order to escape from this constant cycle of rebirth, we need to be enlightened. Enlightenment comes from knowing and realizing our own true nature and the nature of this world. By knowing this nature, we come to know the meaning of life. Being enlightened means being awakened to the truth of ourselves and this world around us. Most importantly, we gain ultimate happiness when we are enlightened and free ourselves from the constant cycles of rebirth. By…show more content…
As a Christian, I don’t believe I will come back in a new form based upon what I have done in my life. When I die, I believe my soul can go to either heaven or hell. To Christians, we achieve our “nirvana” by accepting Jesus Christ as our personal savior who died on the cross for our sins. In my life, I feel as if I have gone through constant cycles or rebirth because of the struggles I have had in accepting Jesus as my personal savior. Before I was saved, I constantly indulged in things of this world. I was a slave to materialistic aspects of life. I did not have true happiness inside
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