My Sense Of Self In Nursing As A Nursing Student

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Sense of self entails an individual reflecting on himself or herself - traits, beliefs, and purpose within the world. To develop a strong self of self, an individual must know his or her own goals, values and ideals. While this can entail each aspect of an individual’s life, my current sense of self stems from my position as a nursing student. As a nursing student, my sense of self stems directly from my theory courses and my hands-on experiences, both simulated and clinical. Currently, I feel like a gratified (Almost graduated) nursing student who is eager to get into the clinical field of practicing nursing, by providing hands on care to patients and their support systems. While I do not feel like I could go out and practice on my own quite yet, this nursing program has developed the way I perceive nurses, and more importantly, how I perceive myself as a nursing student. I no longer view myself as an individual looking inward towards the nursing profession, with the result of becoming a RN in the distant future; I now perceive myself in the nursing role, taking on the roles and res...

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