My Senior Year Of High School

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Starting my Senior year of high school was a very exciting moment for me, nonetheless becoming President for our HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) chapter at Esperanza High School. It was a lot of responsibility to put upon myself, but I knew with confidence and dedication, I could uphold a successful chapter. Taking the position as HOSA President terrified me because I had no idea what to expect. Knowing that I was the face of the chapter became a lot for me to take in. I felt as if all of a sudden I began to doubt my capabilities. Undergoing this difficult event that occurred helped me learn more about myself as a leader and the level of initiation that I carry. HOSA is a state and nationally recognized organization that helps students promote leadership qualities, skill competencies, and expand their knowledge in the several different departments of the Health Care field. Students can choose to compete against chapters throughout their region in medically related events. To name a few: Biomedical Debate, Medical Assisting, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), an...

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