My Senior Year Essay

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My senior year My senior year of high school was one of the most exciting, yet stressful year combined. Not only did I have to worry about keeping up with my grades, but also graduating on time. As I walked into spring woods high school for the last time all these thoughts were running through my mind and I just couldn’t wait to start my senior year and what it had in stored for me. As I got my schedule, I was curious to find out who my teachers were going to be and how they were going to be. I wasn’t worried if I had any friends or strangers in my classes. My only concerned was to pass my classes and make the experience fun as possible. The first semester passed and I did very well. I have trouble in my algebra class. I was…show more content…
The only class I had to worry about was economics because that was new to me and getting scared about it because my friends that has taken the class last semester told me how hard it was and that I had to pay attention and not slack off because if I did, I wasn’t going to pass and not be able to exempt. Worst of all not being able to walk the stage with my class because just like government, economics was also a requirement in order to graduate. During the class I never slaked off. I always submitted everything on time, Although I actually didn’t passed all of the test I took in that class , I always made sure to do retakes or do extra credit work . I ended up passing the class and exempting it . Besides all the stress of all the classes during the whole year they were some stuff I was really looking forward to during my senior year like, prom, practicing graduation, senior picnic day and working on my legacy . I had a lot of fun working on my legacy senior legacy that’s mostly what a lot of seniors look forward to, I spent over 150 dollars on things for my legacy, I had one of my friends helping me with it and I had to write about my whole high school experience and on what I wanted to whenever I graduated high school. I like to decorate so it was a really fun experience for
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