My Semester Goals

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My semester goals include making good grades, furthering my writing skills, and improving management. As a senior in high school, this is my final year before college. In previous years, I have not completely tried my hardest in school. I hope to use my last year of high school to the fullest. This last year I want to learn as much as possible and have fun. Without goals and desires, we would lack motivation and desire to complete task. A semester goal of mine is to make good grades. To obtain good grades as a high school student you must focus in class. Studying classroom material nightly can help you make good grades. Not only do good grades reflect good upon yourself it can earn you awards. Outstanding grades in high school can earn you awards which will look good on college resumes. Having good grades leads to a high GPA which is helpful when applying to college. Grades have a major impact on scholarship give always. To be successful my last year of high school, I plan on studying and preparing more for test. Overall, earning good grades can benefit you in many ways.…show more content…
Writing skills are techniques that you use throughout your whole life. As you grow older your writing skills should advance. With being a senior in high school, I hope advance my writing skills further to prepare myself for college. College is full of writing, whether it is a reading assignment or an essay. Essays in college count as major parts of your grade. Having advanced writing skills along with the use of proper grammar can determine your grade. To accomplish this goal, I am enrolled college English class as a senior. This course is allowing me to prepare myself for college classes in the
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