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Salamanca, Guanajuato, a little town located in Mexico is the place where I was born. A narrow town with another 150,000 brilliant minds besides mine, where there are always prejudices about your success in the future. The difference between the other 150,000 minds and mine was that I was focused on accomplishing more than the people around me. Sports have always been present in my life because is my way to increase and improve my abilities, it also helped me decrease the stress school caused on me and helped me keep a healthy mind. Highlight in my society was and is my life aspiration, I want to be a role model for my community not based on my material acquisitions, but for my accomplishments. Different type of worlds have always been present…show more content…
That was the “the drop of water that spilled the glass” that made me change my perspective of life, I had to accept the fact that now I had to be the strength in my family because my mother didn’t have the strength she used to have. At the age of 10, I became the pillar that kept my family strong to continue and overcome obstacles. I had so numerous emotions, but I didn’t want to talk about them because I knew my mother and sister would fall again, until 9th grade. During 9th grade, I had countless emotions going on that I couldn’t keep my life together, so we decided to send me to a psychologist. But all the opinions the Psychologist told me I already knew, so I decide to modificate my attitude and the decisions I took, and I also decided that I was going to be as positive as positive. Since I chose that decision I began to improve my grades and I felt more confident about myself. I could control my emotions, I also learned to take more accurate decisions and people around me noticed it and started coming to me for advice or to talk to me about their problems and eventually I became a support for my friends. During all these life changing situations, I kept playing tennis and eventually I could feel an improvement in my game, I accomplished more difficult goals and I started to impress others and myself with my performance. In 2013, I moved

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