My Ritual in Writing Papers

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Before I prepare to write a paper I look at the prompt. I then take a smoking break so while I am smoking I am brain storming ideas about what to write about. When I get an idea I write them down one by one as I get ideas. Once I find the perfect spot I start looking at what I brain stormed and look at the main ideas I can write the most about. Once I choose what I want to write about I start structuring my paper. When I see the best structural fit for my sub ideas that lead to my main idea I start writing. Then when I am done I revise it with another smoking break, which helps me see if I can expand on the ideas I already have. If not I just wrap up my paper knowing it was a great well written paper that I gave all my thought into and knowing my professor is going to love my paper. When I prepare to write a paper I make sure my surroundings are clear and no one in sight. I get my sharp, smooth, pointy pencils and eraser ready to roll. The place I choose to write in has to be perfect if not I am not going to be concentrated on my paper, which will cause me not to write a good paper. ...
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