My Right Hand To Be A Soldier

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I never knew how important my right hand would be. Yeah, I write with it, I’m right- hand dominant, and I place it over my heart during the Star Spangled Banner. But could you believe I raised my right hand to become an American soldier? Joining the military gave me the opportunity to be challenged in a way civilian life would not allow an 18 year old, like myself, to be. Exposing me to discipline and giving me something to live by, the Army changed my life for the better.

When I was younger, my family and I travel to Washington DC for the National Memorial Day parade. I loved it when the soldiers marched by, left, right, left, their arms swinging at a 69 degree angle. The wave of soldiers roared through the streets of D.C, too many to count
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I still can smell BBQ chicken and cheesy hotdogs on the grill, sizzling on the flames of charcoal. Patriotism, a distinctive practice of supporting one 's country and defending it against all enemies, was stamped on this day; red, white and blue painted the town, on every building, sturdy brick tall and shabby wooden shack. In my left hand, my mini American Flag danced in the wind and my right hand was over my heart. As long as I could remember, I always wanted to be an American…show more content…
At the time, I was working at JCPenny’s, and I most definitely didn’t see myself folding t-shirts and hanging up clothes, for my rest of my life. And after high school graduation, I wasn’t ready to jump right back into the books. At the age of 17, 18, and 19, students end their last year of high school with 3 choices -- college, military, or work. However, for me, it was the United States Army.

In basic training, discipline was grounded into me. I was broken from my civilian behaviors and customs and built back up into a disciplined professional soldier. I was watched every minute, yelled at constantly, and punished for every infraction. I went through numerous tests that pushed me to and over my limits. But during these hardships, I quickly gained physical strength, endurance, knowledge, and spirit. No matter how hard or miserable it got, I armed myself with the skills and techniques needed to fulfill vital roles, working under intense pressure to become a disciplined and professional
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