My Ride Along Experience With The Grand Island Police Department

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Ride Along My ride along experience with the Grand Island Police Department. I actually had to go on it twice. The shift I had picked for my ride along started at 6:00 pm and ended 4:00 am. On a Saturday night. I stayed both times almost the whole shift because I enjoyed the adrenalin rush and I really miss being on patrol. The first time I ended up waiting for an officer at the station for over an hour and I kept seeing civilian cars race in to the parking lot and then units raced out so I knew something big was happening. I then went over to the dispatch center and sat with them for another 45 minutes. What had happened was a suspect had went over to a State Patrolman’s house with a gun and was brandishing the gun and stating that all…show more content…
At that call the one officer spoke in Spanish to the people in question so I did not understand a thing that was said. We did pull over a vehicle that was swerving. Officer Todd was nice enough to let me go up to the vehicle with him because of my background of being an officer many moons ago and knowing about officer safety. There were to subjects in the car, a female driving and a male passenger. He asked for driver’s license and registration we took that back to the vehicle and the female was driving on expired driver’s license. Officer Todd also could smell the odor of alcohol in the vehicle. At this time a fellow officer Banks came over to myside and opened the car door and talked with the male passenger. He found open containers of beer and made the male pour everything out. Also Officer Todd asked the female how much she had been drinking and she stated “Two Beers” (the standard answer) we left the suspects in the vehicle and walked back to our…show more content…
The female had a scratch on the back of her neck and she had stated that her live in boyfriend and father of her little girl had put his hands around her neck and had pushed up against the wall while she had her baby in her hands. He said he wanted to hold the baby and she told him no because the baby was sleeping and he was being too loud and going to wake her up. The officers took pictures of her neck and the scratches on it and arrested him for domestic abuse. (Nebraska Statue 42-901 to

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