My Reflection on English Class 1101

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As I reflect back on my education, I realize how much I took for granted. I thought graduating from high school was sufficient. I realized that my lack of education was not going to help support my family. I decided to go back to school. I attended a technical college and received a certificate in computer accounting. This gave me the experience in accounting that helped me get my foot in the door. While working in the accounting field, I discovered quickly that I needed a bachelor’s degree. After much procrastination, I decided it was time to return to school. After a few accounting courses, I was informed that I still needed to take my general education classes. This meant I had to take English. I dreaded taking English 1101. I knew this class would be more challenging than my accounting courses. English 1101 taught me how to organize my thoughts and compile them to create well-versed essays. During the first three weeks of class, I concentrated on the readings and exercises that were assigned. I enjoyed the readings in The Mercury Reader. The follow up videos were also very help...

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