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I have written several writing projects and have done several reviews for my fellow class mates in this course. Throughout this first semester of college I have been working hard in English. This class has helped improve many skills that I didn’t even know I had, like my tone and providing evidence. The several different types of projects allowed me to improve the process of how to write essays by learning things like writing peer reviews and organizing essays. The reviews gave me a better understanding about ethos, pathos, logos and main features of genres. This essay is going to explain what I have improved upon and learned in this class over the course of the semester.

Rhetorical Knowledge Since the beginning of the semester I have been
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When it came to academics I love my math, science and history classes, and when I went to English I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. Then during my final year of high school I met a teacher who transformed me from a simple essay writer into a writing coinsure. Ever since then I have taken my English very seriously, and this class is no exception. This class has helped me to see myself as a better writer than what I was at the beginning of this semester. When I first came to this class I was already very good at creating a strong tone for my essays and knew a basic concept of how to organize my essays. However I was sloppy and usually made grammatical errors like “A journey that takes at most 5 minutes by foot” (writing project 2 first draft) and saying there when it’s supposed to be their. I would also forget to talk about the audience or forget to mention what my purpose was. ENG 105 has shown me my weakness and I have now brought my audience in more, like when I asked “why would I choose a criteria like, seating comfortability?” I was asking that question to my audience. As for my purpose I learned to try and pick a side instead of being stuck in the middle of the argument like when I changed my last sentence in my second writing project from “These theaters unique features help to make the fun of watching movies here in Flagstaff all the more entertaining” to “Out of the two movie theaters I have just evaluated I think that the Harkins is the best…” I changed my purpose from a dispassionate statement into a strong enthusiastic statement. I think that if I was asked to write a story or script I would probably wouldn’t be able to make a hit, but if I was to ask for a review or informative statement I would be able to get some gears in my head moving. This course has enhanced my understanding of English and has
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