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Knowing that you have to perform a speech in front of a crowd of people is something that is very nerve racking. Being nervous about something gives you anxiety allowing you to make more mistakes. After all, knowing that all my classmates have to perform and do the exact same thing does inhibit some of my nervousness. Even though this was my second time performing a speech in front of the same crowd, I still got a little nervous before I went up there. Since I did missed out on the second day when everyone was performing, it was just a little bit intimidating that I had to perform by myself last Tuesday. However, I did it and got it over with! During my speech, a couple ways where I believed I excelled in was staying within the time limit, being engaging/outgoing, and using an active visual aid. Staying within the time limit is something that I strongly try to pursue. I think I excelled at this part because I did record myself…show more content…
This is something that is very hard for me to do when I’m nervous so I really do hope I can fix this problem before my next speech. Eye contact is a very hard skill to conquer when you are nervous. It was also hard for me to practice my eye contact skills because I don’t have an audience to perform in front when I am at home. When I practice my speech, I usually just read it over to myself or someone that I’m comfortable with. This does help me perform my overall speech better, but it doesn’t assist with enhancing my eye contact skills because I usually don’t have eye contact problems around people im confortable to talking too. Eye contact is a really good skill to have because it shows your audience that you are dominant and less nervous. It also shows that you have knowledge about your topic and aren’t scared to share the information with everyone. I hope I can somewhat improve this in my next

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