My Reflection Of Leadership

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COMS 201 has been an interesting, yet somewhat hard class. In the past, I have enjoyed online classes because I can work at my own pace and do my homework and learning when I had the time. When I look back, I have realized how much work I have put in into a two credit hour class and this class was not what I was expecting at all. I was thinking the class would be laid back and enjoyable. Sometimes I enjoyed the class, but most of the time this class was a pain. From this class though, I feel that my leadership journey has changed and I have grown in how I view leadership in my daily life. In this reflection, I will discuss my leadership journey with this class, review my journal entries if I saw growth or not, and some advice I would give my future self to help with my work of leadership.
To help with my leadership journey, one of the topic that we learned in class was the idea of adaptive leadership and technical leadership. This class wanted us to have the aspect of adaptive leadership and continue to use that idea in our daily life. As I
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I will also make sure my goals are idealistic and they are able to be met. My diagnose the situation goal is before I jump in on a new project or a new decision, I will collect the information that is given to me, double check and make sure I am able to do it and then I will make the decision and go for the project with a well-laid out plan. My energize others goal is when negotiating with others, I will view the person views and ideas before I get upset about their opinions if it’s something that is not something I believe in and as well as I will be flexible when compromising to change either my view or theirs. My facilitate intervention goal is when capturing the attention of others, I will be engaging and
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