My Reflection Of Ethics

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I believe that I have learned a lot in this class for the past ten weeks. At the beginning, I thought this class would only teach about how to make ethical decisions when we have a problem. However, it turned out that I learned beyond that. Not only I have acquired the lesson about ethics, I also learn to interact with people around me whom I never met before this class started. As Professor Lopez mentioned, BUS-L375 is a discussion class. As a shy type of person, I always prefer listening to other people rather than talking. The reason is because I don’t like being in the center of attention in the class. I do realize that my English is still lacking and it makes me lose confidence when it comes to talking. However, after seeing how Professor…show more content…
I never thought about what good means to me. I naturally believed that as long as I could follow the rules and do what people told me, I was doing a good thing. However, after I reflected my life all over again, I realized that there are many other factors that impact what good means to me. If I did not do this assignment, I would not realize how my family, friends, and society have helped me to become the way I am now. This assignment has made me become more careful in making a decision, so I would not bring down the people I care about. When I heard Professor Lopez’s comment in Canvas about the assignment I submitted, I felt that my effort worthed. I truly appreciate what the Professor said because I feel like I am being acknowledged for the first time. People never praised me for what I did and this makes me think whether what I am doing brings good impact or not to other people. However, Professor Lopez’s comment changed my mind and now I feel encouraged to do more for other…show more content…
Since I am in a junior year now, I have to look for a summer internship. As I have never worked before, Professor Lopez’s advices and assignment have helped me understand more about the situation in the workplace. First of all, I remember how Professor Lopez taught about the importance of name card. Before the professor explained, I always thought that name cards are only for business person who works in a company. Now I understand how name cards can be used to remember a person. This can be done by taking notes behind the name card about the character or memorable thing about the person. After this lecture, I decided to make my own name card. I also learned that appearance is important too. A person who is wearing a suit must never use backpacks because it would leave a mark or ruin the suit. I have become more careful in choosing a bag whenever I am wearing a suit to a career fair or when I am having a presentation in the class. The Crimson Dilemma assignment also became a warning for me to be prepared all the time. There is a big possibility that the same problem would happen to me when I get an internship. As I put myself in the character’s situation, I realized how every word I say and decision I make can impact my reputation. If I make a wrong move, I might lose my job. I decided to become a person who thinks about the consequences first before making a decision. The most important thing I

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