My Reflection Of A Spiritual Journey In My Life

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Throughout my life, I have learned how to let go, have boldness and have faith in God. I never knew, how strong I was until, I was constantly put in situations that testing who I was as a person but most importantly my faith in God. For my spiritual autobiography I will discussing some of the important lessons I have learned in life and ultimately what those lesson have taught me about who I am as a person. Growing up I was the middle child of 3 brothers and one sister. My older siblings and I were so far apart from each other that I did not get along with them at all until I got older. I widely remember, they were dating while, I was still stuck watching Disney channel. Each child was different, and I kept feeling like an outcast. I recalled my brother and sisters having multiple friends and I did not have one at all. I was constantly under my father who I recalled shaped who I was a person. Moreover, my brothers and sister are sociable in contrast where I am severely introverted. If a guest came over to my house, I would never talk to anyone including family members. I would simply go to my room and watch…show more content…
Often time’s situation in my life have to deal with me wanting something instantly and when this does not happen, I have a tendency to get upset and realize that what I thought was going to happen did not. For example, I have to have patients for me getting into the Neuro-diagnostic program. I wanted to get accepted in January but I know that this situation is not likely. I think my spiritual journey is like a birthday surprise, I will never know what I am going to get in life. Some people are going to show and bring cupcakes or chips. The point is I will never know what is going to be brought to the party. This is how life is, a person never knows how their life is going to turn out or what 's going to happen or what situation they be in at any point in their

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