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AS I sit down to pen my thoughts on the Statement of Purpose, Frankly , atleast now, I am at a loss of words , but then I know my Thoughts shall be laid out in a way I desire and this SOP would bloom along as I go further…Simply put, my strength all through has been a CAN DO, WILL DO attitude and I am truly blessed with the almighty’s choicest blessings in having parents who have been a great Source of strength up until now and for sure , they will be , in all I endeavor to do in the course of the life I have set forth for myself..The finest aspect of my personality has been that of being a complete team player and a hunger for knowledge that would put a hungriest Lion to shame..I excel at being inquisitive to the point of being obsessive and this trait of mine led to…show more content…
To put it simply my SOP, whether in life or a in an esteemed University as yours is to help my fellow human beings in raising their standards , both academic and Societal and I am adequately equipped to do so and I would like to attain the highest level of education and step into new horizons of Mechanical Engineering and transcend into newer realms of Mechanical engg Research. It has always been my dream that I should be a Top Class Engineer and rightly so , I have been able to partly achieve that , having earned my Bachelors in Mechanical Engg after being placed amongst the top % of about Students and thus earning a seat and cherishing my dream of becoming a Mechanical Engineer. I have done so, till now and I take pride and privilege that my College is one of the most reputed ones , with many students having dreams to enroll

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