My Reason For Becoming A Social Worker

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My reason for becoming a Social Worker is to help others and to give them the most accurate and updated information out there to help them overcome the obstacles in their way. Being able to assist and maybe even turn a person’s life around would be an accomplished goal to look forward too. Making a difference in the lives of others and in the world is what I am after.
The most significant moment of my life was getting my GED in 2009. I dropped out of high school when I was 16 years old. Never thought of my education or where I would be in ten years. Some people would wish they could go back and change things but, I honestly wouldn’t. Reason being is because I do not believe I would be the person I am today if it weren’t for all the struggles
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I have a great heart, I love to help others and I am a great listener. I have a tremendous amount of patience’s (having two girls’ helps with that) but I am ready and willing to give my all to a great cause that many are not fully educated about. Being truly happy with the work I have presented and accomplished along the way will be gratifying and makes me want to strive and give guidance to those who need help. Helping others, giving and showing how one can live well (less struggles or at least finding positive ways to overcome those struggles) and being proud of the things they can and could accomplished throughout their lives. I had struggled for many years, until one day I woke up and realized I am smart, I can do this and make something of myself. My end goal would be to make a better life for me and my daughters. I am a single mom of two beautiful girls ages 13 and 5. I have a great support system, family, friends, coworkers even my ex-husband who all stand beside me and will help me along the way to make my goal of mine come true. Being on my own the last 2 years I have overcome and learned a great deal. My oldest child was just diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, which she has had many struggles also, understanding and copying with a new life style change for her has been rocky but for the most

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