My Reality of Being Invaded

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Sounds of a young woman screaming, I stood there in shock, unable to move. I could not understand completely what she was saying. She was a petite young woman, about five foot three, short black hair, hazel eyes, wearing a grey t-shirt, with the company's logo, and camo pants. As I stood there gazing at her, the smell of barbecue and chicken filled the room. I could see children playing, coloring, and people eating. As I closed my eyes the sounds of cash registers opening and closing, some men were yelling at the television, and waitresses’ voices. Yet, I stood there frozen in time. What was my cousin really saying? At that very moment, a co-worker clutched my arm, and pulled me into another room. She looked into my eyes, and asked, "Nie, did you understand what Candra just said?" Without a word, I shook my head yes. At that moment I turned, and walked off, as if I was in a dream. I hopped into my white Chrysler Sebring convertible car, and speed off. As I drove into my apartment complex, my stomach turned upside down. I tried calling my fiancé Antoine, but his phone kept going st...
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