My Reading Journey

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My Reading Journey

My parents read to me every day when I came home from school. Two of my favorite books were the Baranstein Bears and Clifford. Television shows such as Sesame Street were a valuable supplement to my reading material. I had a tendency to pay more attention to Sesame Street than to my parents, but they did not discourage television; they were satisfied to see that I was learning.

Upon learning the alphabet, the next step in learning how to read is to start to put these letters together to form words. This is not as easy as it sounds. The English language is a very difficult language because there are so many exceptions and rules. It is difficult to understand at a young age that the letter f and the letters ph both make the same sound. Accordingly, learning to put the letters of the alphabet together took me a very long time. But, eventually, I was able to form words with these letters.

Having achieved the difficult skill of learning to put letters together in order to form words, it was now time for me to put these words together to make sentences. Aga...

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