My Purpose for Traveling Abroad

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In an effort to bring about peace, diplomacy, nuclear disarmament, and civility, it behooves me and others amongst society epitomizing agape behavior patterns to fabricate a better world by attaining a vast amount of diverse cultural knowledge. People tend to respect cultural differences from their own once they gain understanding regarding varying others; this leans towards fabricating a harmonious planet. A chance to travel aboard will afford me an opportunity of expounding my personal knowledge about other counties’ cultures. A trip such as the one offered via Edgecombe Community College Travel Abroad Scholarship (ECCTAS) is certainly an enriching, lifetime opportunity. The stage of development that comprises my age group is classified as young adult, as my present age is twenty-two. Most individuals amongst this age group are seeking their niche in life; this travel abroad experience abets me discovering mine. A travel escapade of this magnitude will prove beneficial towards my chosen field of study i.e. Anthropology academic goal, and it abets fashioning a pleasurable society in the country recognized around the world as the Great Melting Pot. This essay presents its readers with information pertaining to the importance of taking advantage of traveling abroad which boosts cultural knowledge, and how this trip abets me doing my part towards creating a better world.
First of all, traveling abroad as the Edgecombe Community College Travel Abroad (ECCTA) Scholarship recipient shall prove advantageous when it comes to examining my own professional and academic aspirations. Most individuals within my age group are seeking to discover their niche in life. This travel abroad opportunity is a great way for me to accomplish p...

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...ountry/countries ways of life. This experience wills truly catapult me towards progressing towards my next juncture. As a result of residing in the country identified as the Great Melting Pot, this experience shall positioning me to acquire a better understanding about other nationalities unlike my own, and it leans towards building a tolerable, cohesive society in America. This trip will afford me the opportunity to visualize this world beyond textbooks used at Edgecombe Community College. In addition, it produces a viable scholar who possesses aspirations of enrolling into a graduate program designed to yield future leaders of tomorrow. I aim to take full advantage of this opportunity by utilizing newfound cultural knowledge during this trip to create a better society here in America whilst establishing a more tolerable environment at Edgecombe Community College.

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