My Professional Growth Experiences Have Impacted Student Learning

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Component 4-Reflection My professional growth experiences have impacted student learning in many ways. I directly impact instruction by exploring, researching and teaching use of digital tools. These tools enhance learning, improve retention and add variety to the instructional setting. Students are active learners when they use these tools. Teaching them to use organizational tools, such as Padlet, Linoit help them see a visual outline of information and helps them establish connections within the material. Retention tools such as Kahoot, Quia and Quizlet help them practice and internalize terms and concepts. This helps to reinforce their foundation knowledge of subject matter. Graphics and timelines such as PicLit energize content and allows them to view information in a variety of ways. Prezi and Glogster take them a step beyond a basic PowerPoint and gives them more opportunities to manipulate and present information. I have played a leading role in introducing all of these tools to my students and I have worked collaboratively with teachers to help embed them into the curricula. One indirect but important way I have impacted student learning has been by working with teachers in Smart technologies. By assisting them in learning a new classroom setup, their lessons have become more appealing and dynamic. The Smart tools and software have enabled them to go far beyond the chalkboard and overhead projector. Using interactive tools such as the Smart Response technology has steered the instruction away from being teacher centered to more hands on. This has gone a long way in appealing to various learning styles. My pedagogical skills have been deepened as a result of teaching teachers how to successfully implement these tools.... ... middle of paper ... ...e implementation of the Canvas program at the school level. Canvas is a web based learning management system that was just embraced by our county this past spring. I hope to offer many sessions during the upcoming school year, teaching faculty how integrate this program into their teaching. Canvas enhances course content with tools for communication and interactive digital media and can also function as the entire platform for a class. For students that are homebound or out of school for any length of time, Canvas will help them stay on top of class learning objectives and assignments. I also plan to continue and further my leadership skills. I will have a consistent role on our school leadership committee as a representative for media. I will also continue to serve at the county level among my media colleagues to promote best teaching, literacy and media practices.
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