My Plans After High School

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There is always that question about “what are your plans after high school”. “Where do you see yourself in the next couple years”? No one ever wants to answer the question the wrong way everyone wants to answer it depending on who they are around. You might be around the part of the family that you are not that close with and do not want to sound like a frailer or you might be around your mom or dad who are there that you can really talk to about the future. With going into college after getting out of high school right after or soon after you graduate there is plenty of rewards that come with it, there is the better job with better salary, family is proud of college student, bettering the future in the decision you make, and making friends that could last a lifetime. With a lot of jobs now a days requesting so much just to apply having a college degree or any degree in a field is important to them. The good jobs and the jobs that pay well are usually well known and having that extra piece that you earn over years gets you that much closer to being there new employee that they are looking for. With the average salary of having a high school diploma is around $35,000 in 2009. In 2013 it has dropped to $30,000 and the statistics show it will keep going downhill from here. Over the years the salary for a bachelor’s degree it has been shifting between $50,000 and $60,000 (Institute of Education). With a degree there is a chance of earning a total of $15,000 difference. Most likely a good chance to earn a job that two people are going for the person with the better resume and one with a higher degree is most likely to get the job because they will assume that they know more than the other one applying. There are plenty of different a... ... middle of paper ... ...u need their help. Thereby I will end the paper off on a good note with things about friends that help you through it all. College is a big thing even if you don’t believe it is there is always a good thing about attending classes and going above and beyond with classes after graduation. With a college degree there is a better chance of landing a good job and making more money then you would with just a standard high school diploma or a GED diploma. There is how proud your family would be with their son/daughter of attending college and bettering themselves for the future they plan to take on. Another big thing about college is the friends that they will get from taking classes that could and may last them a life time. College can be done at any time all that is needed is the will and effort to be put in to have a good time and make college fun for a couple years.
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